Work/Life Balance Tips

  • Set goals, plan and prioritize. Having clear goals makes life much easier as you know where you are going and how you will get there. Decide what is important and then write it down. By writing it down you are far more likely to achieve that goal.
  • Work life balance is all about flexibility, but to have flexibility, you will need to have a solid structure around you. Structure is important as it brings certainty; you know what’s going to happen and why. Without structure your life seems chaotic, (that’s easy for me to say being an accountant).
  • When you are planning your week ahead, make sure to include some ‘me time’. Schedule time with friends and family and activities that help you to recharge.
  • I can’t stress enough the importance of eating well. Try and avoid fatty processed foods during the day as they will make you lethargic. Snack on fruit, nuts, seeds and water. These will all give you a much needed boost of energy.
  • Try to get the right amount of sleep. In the evening try to switch off your brain if possible. Do not use your laptop or watch TV in bed. Your mind will not switch off fully. Try to avoid caffeine based drinks in the evening.
  • Get some exercise. It can be hard to make time to exercise when you have a jam packed schedule, but it will ultimately help you to get more done by boosting your energy level and ability to concentrate. I exercise 4 times a week – once before work, once at lunchtime, one evening after work and a long run or swim at the weekend. Stop making excuses
    and make the time!
  • Take a long weekend – either a Friday or a Monday off. This will freshen your outlook and you will come back buzzing. Try to leave your phone off if at all possible.
  • Make sure to reward yourself. This is important. If you reach that goal you set for yourself – take the reward. It’s important to celebrate even small successes.
  • Stay positive and enthusiastic. Try to mix with positive people and don’t accept negativity. The world can be full of negativity; do your best to find a positive spin on a negative situation. Avoid people who spend their time constantly venting and gossiping – they’ll bring you down.
  • Learn to enjoy your life. Enjoy the journey each and every day. Take control of your own life – it is yours and you only have the one. Try to focus on constant personal development.