Company Order Form

Online Company Order Form

The first step in forming a company is to complete the below order form. The order form should be completed with all the required details and we will prepare the company formation documentation based on this order form and email you the documentation for signing.
  • No more than 40 words
  • Company Secretary Details

    Every company is required to have a company secretary. If there is only one director a separate company secretary is required
  • Individual Secretary Details

  • Corporate Secretary Details

  • Company Directors

    LTD company may have 1 director. All other company types must have 2, and charity companies must have 3. If any director has more than 3 directorships please forward these details by email to If any director is also a subscriber, please enter their number of shares in the last section of the column
  • Company Director 1

  • Company Director 2

  • Subscriber Details

    If subscribers are the same as directors enter only the names and No. of Shares of the subscribers
  • Subscriber One

  • Subscriber Two

  • Registered Office Address

  • Business/Central Administration Address (if different)

  • Contact Details for Incorporation Purposes

  • Anti-Money Laundering Customer Due Dilligence

    Please email a copy of your Passport/Drivers Licence and up to date utility bill to
  • Incorporation Type

  • Payment Type