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Ultimate Incorporation Checklist

Leased assets (motor or equipment) to be transferred to new company. Ownership of motor vehicles to be transferred? Any maintenance contracts on equipment to be transferred. Write to all customers informing them of changeover – company name, company number and new tax number. Write to all suppliers regarding the change and that all future invoices […]

Work/Life Balance Tips

Set goals, plan and prioritize. Having clear goals makes life much easier as you know where you are going and how you will get there. Decide what is important and then write it down. By writing it down you are far more likely to achieve that goal. Work life balance is all about flexibility, but to have […]

Ultimate Monthly Checklist

Monthly bookkeeping completed. All bank accounts reconciled. Review till reports & reconcile to bank lodgements. Review costs and expenses. Diary any upcoming Revenue and CRO deadline (Click here for details). Ensure all business licences are current and up to date. Obtain tax clearance if necessary. Complete, submit and pay VAT. Complete, submit and pay P30 […]

Essential Sales Tips

Try to get inside the head of your ‘perfect’ customer. Figure out what they want and go about providing it. Where possible, try and visit your top customers. It helps when trying to build a relationship. Listen more than you speak. This feedback can be invaluable but make sure to act on it. Offer FREE […]

Essential Cash Flow Management Tips

Ensure that you keep accurate and up to date management accounts (past) and cash flow projections (future). Don’t be afraid to update your projections if new information comes to light. Remember, this is not an exact science. Set targets with your cash flow projections. This is a good way to ensure it is given attention […]

Top Tips for Tough Times

Tips when trading through tough times Review Budgets and set targets. Get rid of ‘can’t pay or won’t pay’ customers. If possible, bill work in progress, at various stages (like stage payments for builders). Chase debts relentlessly (assign someone other than you). Offer existing (quality) debtors some discounts. Agree extended credit terms with suppliers, if […]

Top Tips when Pricing

Keep your price realistic after taking into account costs, resources and goods. Ensure that you cover all costs. Include the value of your time in your pricing. Customers are not always looking for the lowest price. Price low but smart. Remember, low price might signal low quality. It may also be difficult to increase price […]

Top Tips when Advertising

Consider who your potential customer is and how they can be reached? Don’t spend all your budget on one flashy ad; be consistent with frequent smaller ads that work. Maybe place your advert in an unusual place, it will cost less – but make sure it reaches your market. Use your local or national trade […]